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“Having been flooded on many occasions, I have been supporting other victims of flooding during recovery for over 20 years. My passion is fighting to raise awareness of flood risk and property flood resilience. You can find me working with homeowners, communities, local authorities, the Environment Agency and Flood Re on this mission.” Mary Long-Dhonau OBE

All the information on this website has been put together by Mary to help those who have been flooded or live at flood risk. Mary works independently and is a 'one woman army'.

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I have made it my mission to raise awareness of flood risk and to support those at risk. A bit of thought and advanced preparation helps to reduce the horrible impact of floods on individuals, families and businesses.

“Mary has advised our community on the impact of the changes to household insurance, and how best to manage the risk in the light of the new Flood Re Scheme. Mary has landscape knowledge of the whole Flood Plan arena and was deemed invaluable in her advice to our community. Unlike some experts in this arena Mary is a flood victim herself, and therefore knows exactly how to communicate these issues to a community. I would wholeheartedly endorse Mary and her work for any communities who need to deal with this issue.”

Dr. Jacqui Taylor

Expert Advisor European Commission

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The Floodmobile

The Floodmobile is a ‘house on wheels’ which is packed with around 50 different property flood resilience measures, It can be hired to take into communities at flood risk.

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Mary recommends Resilico Connect

The Resilico Connect app and website is like having a personal flood resilience advisor on your smartphone.

The user friendly, innovative, risk management tool helps manage flood risk, empowering citizens, communities and businesses to take ownership and responsibility for their flood risk and climate adaptation by being “flood prepared”.

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Mary is happy to take part in both live and recorded broadcast interviews or provide written statements or more detailed articles regarding flood risk awareness, resilience and recovery.

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